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Graphic Designer


October - 
November 2018


Special edition cover &
2 page spread with
AR app concept


The Mission:


Create a connected identity for a music festival in collaboration with The_Move Magazine working across digital & print.


The Outcome:

Disruption bring's the audience back to a simpler time in their lives and is designed to foster a more intimate experience, disrupting their stressful and confusing lives.

The lineup of musicians draw inspiration from that era and have a strong personality that sets them apart: ​Mac Demarco, Japanese Breakfast & Young the Giant to name a few. This is a celebration of indie rock and psychedelic pop counterculture. The target market is enduring a confusing time as they transition from youths to adults. 


The motif of oil and water symbolize those who do not wish to conform to society; oil can be dropped into water, but it will never dissolve. Vibrant, retro-inspired colours make a marble paper effect often found on old books. Promotional photos will be edited with stereoscopic 3D effect.


Disruption App

The AR ‘Disruption App’ helps users navigate the festival and find what’s important to them. By looking through the camera of your mobile device you can visually find friends, tents and events. Place a “tent stake” or drop a pin when you set up your tent and it will create a beacon to find your base and avoid any confusion. Share locations with friends or set a meeting point.

Check the hot spots or “lava lamps” to get an idea on how to best manage your time.
The lava lamp's amount of activity is based on the popularity of the stage. Find your tent, friends, food and the best events with the exclusive Disruption App!

Screen Shot 2019-03-16 at 5.50.41 PM.png

The Process


Alternative Cover Options

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