The Mission:


Create a connected identity for a music festival in collaboration with The_Move Magazine working across digital & print. This partnership and concept is fictional.


The Outcome:


The_Move Magazine is looking for a festival to disrupt the usual festival experience. The_Move draws from the nostalgia of old music. It celebrates the new in hopes to band together music lovers and create a stronger underground culture.


To create a more immersive festival experience this design was made with the intention of triggering feelings of nostalgia. The prospective demographic of 18-20-year-olds were born at a time when using film was still prevalent, digital screens were grainy and colour palettes were daring.


This sense of nostalgia has been reborn now that these generations are reaching adulthood and have a bigger impact on today’s music market. Bringing the audience back to a simpler time in their lives and reminding them of their childhood would create a more intimate experience, disrupting their stressful and confusing life as a young adult.

Disruption's lineup of musicians draw inspiration from
that era and have a strong personality that sets them apart: ​
Mac Demarco, Tame Impala & Young the Giant. This is a celebration of indie rock and psychedelic pop counterculture. The target market is enduring a confusing time as they transition from youths to adults. This segmentation does not want to
blend into society, but still long for stability without losing 
their inner child.


The motif of oil and water symbolizes those who do not wish to conform to society; oil can be dropped into water, but it will never dissolve. Vibrant, retro-inspired colours make a marble paper effect often found on old books. Promotional photos will be edited to reference stereoscopic 3D effect.


The AR ‘Disruption App’ will help users navigate the festival. 
The goal is for festival-goers to be able to find what’s important to them. By looking through the camera of your mobile device you can visually find friends, tents and events. Place a “tent stake” or drop a pin when you set up your tent and it will create a beacon to find your tent to avoid any confusion. Share locations with friends or set a meeting point. Check the hot spots or “lava lamps” to get an idea on how to best manage your time. The lava lamps activity is based on the popularity of the stage. Find your tent, your friends, food and the best events with the exclusive Disruption App!

Disruption App

I completed this project overseas and was unable to bring my sketchbook back to Canada.

A lot of my process work is in transit over to me. I do however have a mood board I created to inspire me throughout the task.

Mood Board

Alternative Cover Designs

These are two other iterations of the cover design that made it to high fidelity before choosing the final more eye-catching 

and readable version.

Alternative Cover Image

I had fun creating alternative cover images but ultimately decided that this first iteration was too busy. 


Although it was true to the disorienting effects of a kaleidoscope, I'm not sure that Mac DeMarco needs that many heads.