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Graphic Designer &
Marketing Asst.


April 2019 - 
January 2020


Conceptualising and designing campaigns promoting local produce


Digital Media Marketing


Freshening up the content surrounding local food.

My main role at Foodland Ontario was conceptualising social videos as well as designing static posts, posters and annual calendars for stakeholders and MPs. The Ontario Ministry of Food & Agriculture's Domestic Marketing Unit was looking to modernize their social branding and target younger families. I was inspired by the bright colours seen in grocery stores and the organic shapes we find in the garden. Videos below include the TV commercial and rough-cuts of social ads that were released in their 2020 Summer Campaign.

Foodland Ontario
Foodland Ontario
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190802 Colour Cart (Rectangle)
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190802 Eat Your Greens (Rectangle)
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190802 Ontario Eggs (Rectangle)
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Creating ads


Re-inventing paid promotion with a sprinkle of magic!

With a little creativity, pre-existing content could easily be shopped and given new life as paid social ads.


This allowed Foodland Ontario to save on production costs and
use resources already available. GIFs and Videos saw the most engagement and increased once we started taking this approach.


Dip Into Summer.gif

Print Marketing


Reaching target markets with tangible and direct assets.

Working in-house meant I got to know the target market and study consumers first hand. With diverse digital marketing we also created free calendars available at grocery stores and markets across Ontario. I created clean formatted InDesign files for their upcoming 2022 Calendar to distribute and improve brand recognition.

2022 Foodland Cal Mockup-10.png

Engaging Graphics


Government approved, friendly and informative.

During my time in this role I collaborated with team members to create many illustrations, videos and animations. Most notably, I conceptualised and created graphics for two campaigns posted by Ontario Premier Doug Ford.

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